We are a full-service consulting firm, specializing in assisting small-to-medium Canadian, US and other foreign businesses to maximize SR&ED benefits. With over 50 years combined experience in SR&ED funding, we have over a 95% success rate in filing more than 200 claims worth over $15 million.

In business since 2002, SFC is based in Canada with affiliate offices in USA, Barbados and India. At SFC, we provide you with seamless integration and tax planning solutions for your company wherever your business takes you.


At SFC, we offer a full-range of tax and business consultation services, specializing in SR&ED funding solutions. By offering our customized and comprehensive “SR&ED-Directed Tax Plans,” we are able to meet unique needs of Canadian, US and other foreign companies, while optimizing the financial benefits of SR&ED claims.

Our aim is to continue aiding businesses to maximize SR&ED tax benefits in Canada. Additionally, we will strive to offer comprehensive tax planning solutions and seamless integration to small-to-medium businesses diversifying to Canada, as well as those looking to expand into global markets.

About Vijay Kalra CEO and Founder, CA, CPA

Vijay possesses over 30 years of experience in public accounting and has been a practicing CA in Canada since 1991. He is an accomplished tax and business consultant, maintaining a diverse client portfolio spanning many industries with turnovers from $100K to $500M.

Vijay has extensive knowledge of SR&ED funding, management and internal audits, forensic accounting, offshore tax planning and relocating technology companies to Canada.