Mobile Apps Capital

Did you know that the Greater Toronto Area is the “mobile apps capital” of the world? There is an extensive ecosystem that helps keep us in the top spot. The Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (OIDMTC) is one of the critical parts of that ecosystem.

What is OIDMTC?

OIDMTC is a fully refundable (that means your company gets cash) tax credit based on eligible Ontario labor and marketing & distribution expenses claimed by a qualifying corporation with respect to interactive digital media products,  providing up to 40% of eligible labor and $100,000 in marketing costs per project.

Whereas SR&ED provides funds for actual R&D, OIDMTC provides money for packaging, marketing and a launch of interactive digital media products developed in Ontario.

The process can take about a year but SFC will follow up every step of the way until you get paid.

Who is Eligible?

A qualifying corporation is a Canadian corporation (Canadian or foreign-owned), which develops an eligible product at a permanent establishment in Ontario, operated by it, and files an Ontario tax return.

Call us to find out if your company is eligible to receive this credit.