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Maximize your refundable credits through the SR&ED and Digital Media Tax Credit program

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Canadian companies that are in the space of Interactive Digital Media product development are not fully aware that they could easily be eligible for both Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit (SR&ED) and provincial [...]

Plan your Management Compensation for SR&ED wisely

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In a closely held/small business, oftentimes the owners are the main workers. If the activities of this company are SR&ED eligible, then how the owners get paid can make a dramatic difference in how much [...]

Finding a great accountant for your business – Why and How

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As a small business you understand that you need to maintain accounting records and file taxes as required by various laws. However, something that small business owners ignore is that your accountant can and should [...]

How slower growth of R&D in Canada is leading to intellectual underemployment

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According to 2013 OECD statistics, Canada spent double of the average OECD country, and over 2.50 times spent by USA on higher education.  In contrast, Canada’s business expenditures on R&D were below the OECD average. [...]

Startup Finance – 02.25

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