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SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) Program is the flagship investment incentive program created by the Canadian government with the aim of encouraging  innovation and stimulating scientific advancement.

If your company is working on innovative projects, you could be eligible for significant tax credits or cash refunds. Tapping into the SR&ED program can provide crucial financial support, allowing you to invest more in your groundbreaking ideas and stay competitive in your industry.


The idea behind SFC which was founded in 2002 was to make a significant difference in the destiny of each of our clients by providing a tangible value proposition through services like SR&ED, IRAP, Ontario Digital Media Tax Credit and other Canadian government programs.

We are a one-stop financing shop for small to medium size tech-heavy companies. SFC Inc’s team of tax, financial, technology professional has over 50 years of experience in consulting for SME companies.

We don’t get paid, until you do. Period.


SFC has been helping us with our SR&ED claims since 2005 and we have been amazed how efficiently managed the claim filing process. In addition, they have been able to tackle several CRA reviews as our claims have been climbing over the past several years. SFC is a strategic partner in our success.

Brian Pritchard, LiveXchange